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InTension is our regional partner in Germany. 

InTension's 18 years of experience in software development and consulting in the IT environment of large enterprises, and the company's enthusiasm for new technologies, have shaped inTension's profile and development.

inTension’s base technology iDome is intended as a basic framework and toolset to build custom IAM systems for large enterprise for customers, e.g. Deutsche Telekom. Login Master is a product focusing on the needs of customer portals (Customer IAM) and Extranets and provides Web-SSO, OpenID Connect etc.

United Identity will be the third pillar of inTension’s business: It’s a smart adaptable solution, running out-of-the-box ensuring short implementation time and low implementation cost. This further enhances inTension's ability to offer customers the solution that fits best to their requirement. 




inTension GmbH 
Zeppelinstraße 10 
73760 Ostfildern

Tel. +49 711 4 58 80-130


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