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United Identity

Access Right Management

Make sure that your employees, partners and customers have the tools they need at their disposal for the right reasons and at a right time.

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  • Benefits

    • User experience is enhanced and work productivity increased when people are assigned the correct access rights at the correct time.
    • Real-time information and reporting on users, access rights and those who granted them increases transparency and improves the data security of your organization.
    • Data security is also enhanced by the fact that information about any changes to the access rights is immediately forwarded to the target systems concerned and that any access rights currently in force will be automatically deleted upon termination of employment or cooperation.
    • The automation of routine tasks reduces the workload of the IT department and the helpdesk as well as the creation of insufficient or incorrect access rights.


Access rights assigned quickly and in a controlled manner as and when needed

United Identity allows you to control how permanent and temporary employees, partners, customers and even things may access your organization’s resources in a centralized and secure manner.

Transparency and self-service

United Identity combines access rights management-related business processes with automated access rights management to make access rights management a part of your organization's daily practices. Transparency is increased when access right management data can be utilized by not only managers, HR personnel, system owners and helpdesk employees but also the end users themselves. Managers see the up-to-date access rights of their subordinates, and system owners have a clear conception of who are currently using their systems.


A centralized process ensures approval processes that are appropriate for your business and makes sure that effective automation produces the right results based on your business decisions. The solution makes regulations and workflows very simple to maintain so as to support your changing business needs in real time and streamline your organization’s daily access rights routines.
A reliable reporting tool allows you to easily generate the reports required under various regulations and auditing standards, as any changes made are recorded in the audit trail. This will significantly improve your organization’s data security.

24/7 availability irrespective of place

Free from the constraints of time and place, United Identity is a solution that can be used for managing and authorizing anything from LDAP credentials to SAP roles and from company cars to company credit cards. During deployment, industry-specific requirements are defined based on which an overall picture of the objectives of your access rights management is created.

No inappropriate access rights

Speed up the process of granting access rights by linking access rights with roles. People assigned to a specific role will then only be granted the access rights defined for that role. Access rights may still be requested on an individual basis, but these requests must be duly justified to prevent the creation of unnecessary or too broad access rights.

The term of validity of access rights is tied to the term of validity of the respective employment contract or to the time limit specified in the access right request. The automatic deletion requests send on the expiry date ensure that no unnecessary access rights remain in the system.

The solution allows people to have several employment relationships or positions in the organization without creating overlapping access rights.

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