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United Identity

Governance and Reporting

Ensure compliance with regulations and auditing standards in real time and succeed in audits.

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  • Benefits

    • A centralized and up-to-date record of current, pending and expired access rights enhances data security and supports risk management.
    • A consistent process for requesting, approving and deploying access rights facilitates compliance.
    • The log data on granting or revoking access rights and on any changes made to them recorded in a centralized data repository ensure complete traceability of operations.
    • Comprehensive reporting and audit functionalities make internal and external audits easier and faster to carry out.


Monitoring regulatory compliance

Originally designed to meet the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requirements, United Identity helps you to meet the data security requirements imposed by laws and regulations. It is also consistent with the HIPAA, Basel II and PCI DSS regulations. The solution supports good corporate governance and provides intuitive tools for monitoring identity data and access rights.

The extensive reporting and audit functionalities included in the solution allow you to ensure compliance with regulations and auditing standards in real time.

Your organization receives a standardized operating model to facilitate management and improve data security. Whenever access rights are granted, revoked or changed, this will be shown in the log and reporting data based on which those who carried out or authorized the actions concerned can be ascertained. Additionally, information related to identity life cycle management can be disseminated to external reporting and analytics systems for further processing in a controlled manner.

Correct access rights to the correct people

The solution also allows you to prevent the creation of forbidden access right and role combinations, generating reports of dangerous combinations. This makes it possible to fully prevent the occurrence of a situation where, for example, the individual who prepares a purchase invoice also serves as the approver of purchase invoices. Above all, United Identity ensures that each employee only has the access rights necessary for the discharge of their duties.


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