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United Identity

Identity Management

Manage the digital identities of people and equipment on a centralized basis and utilize the related master data to boost and automate your business processes.

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  • Benefits

    • Organization-wide transparency is increased when the digital identity of all people and things is managed on a centralized basis. A unified operating model simplifies identity life cycle management.
    • Data security is improved and risk management is made easier when the integrity and up-to-datedness of identity master data is secured by a centralized data repository. Any changes to the status of an identity are reflected in the respective access rights and immediately forwarded to all necessary target systems.
    • The automation of routine tasks reduces the workload and costs of the IT department and the helpdesk as well as the creation of insufficient or incorrect access rights.
    • Real-time information and reporting on users, access rights and those who granted them improves the data security of your organization.


High-quality identity management

United Identity allows you to effortlessly manage all digital identities related your organization on a centralized basis, whether of employees, partners, customers, equipment or systems.

Consistent identity

The system allows you to centralize identity data to a single data repository where the collected master data remains intact, up to date and business-relevant, even if collected from many different sources. Your organization will receive a consistent operating model for managing internal and external identities and clear practices for managing the identity life cycle.

Boost your HR processes

The solution can be used as an organizational identity data repository that allows HR to manage personal data and employment information throughout the organization so as to make employment contract practices consistent between different sections and departments. The system also supports department- and section specific contract processing, which makes it possible to separate divergent contracts and their processing from each other. It is also possible to define flexibly the roles related to the processing of employment contracts and even automate their deployment.

Manage your stakeholders

The solution also allows you to harmonize and clarify the management of organizational, personal and contract information pertaining to external identities. You may authorize a representative of a partner organization to manage their organization’s information to keep it up-to-date and make its administration more effective. The simplicity of the system makes it easy to retrieve access rights and – what is most important – delete them in a controlled manner.

Make your processes more effective with high-quality master data

When identity data is collected from many different sources, it is filtered and harmonized to improve its quality and reliability. When processes are automated using a unified and integrated data repository, the amount of routine work in the organization is considerably reduced as any changes made are automatically reflected in other systems. The benefits are particularly pronounced in change situations such as mergers and acquisitions, where demanding and arduous operations can be simplified and quickly brought in line with the organization’s consistent HR and IT management policies.

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